Health and Safety Committee Charge

Open and uses voting by majority decision-making processes


  1. Study, review, advise and recommend regulations and procedures relating to the safety and security of persons and of district facilities.
  2. Review safety, health and environmental issues that affect the campus.
  3. Advise the Director of Facilities on safety issues
  4. Make recommendations regarding campus emergency procedures and training
  5. Make recommendations regarding parking and traffic control.
  6. Make recommendations regarding hazardous waste management.
  7. Make recommendations regarding equipment and other issues affecting classroom safety.
  8. Assist and support college planning process as needed or requested.
  9. Receive reports about unsafe conditions and directthem to the appropriate department along with any recommendations.
  10. Review student accident reports, police statistical reports for the campus, and staff accident reports in order to help identify unsafe work practices and/or campus conditions and suggest possible remedies to the appropriate department(s).
  11. Make recommendations regarding campus emergency procedures.
  12. Encourage input and feedback from all individuals with regard to campus safety related ideas, problems, and solutions.



The Health and Safety Committee is comprised of appointed representatives from all of the campus community constituent groups. Voting members shall include the following:


(1)  Administration

(2)  Classified

(3)  Faculty

(2) Management/Confidential

(1) ASB



Elected by the committee at the first meeting of each fall semester.



A quorum, consisting of one member from three of the five voting constituencies, shall be required to conduct business.



Reports to the Consultation Council/Strategic Planning Committee.

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