Program Review

Program review is an integral part of the integrated process of planning and budget allocation at Lassen Community College. The evaluation and recommendation subsections from each program review provide the basis for informed decision making on programs, personnel, facilities, equipment, and budget.
The program review process is an effective vehicle for accountability and provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to actively participate in the growth of their own programs and the growth of the college as a whole. Institutional planning and budget considerations are based on the recommendations and justifications provided by this process.
2015 Non-Instructional Program Review Handbook
2015 Instructional Program Review Handbook
IPR Annual Update Template
IPR Template
NIPR Annual Update Template
NIPR Template 
Program Reviews Due September 2017

2017 Basic Skills IPR
2017 Developmental Studies IPR & NIPR
2017 Fire Technology IPR
2017 Gunsmithing IPR
2017 Human Services IPR
2017 Vocational Nursing/Allied Health IPR
2017 Welding Technology IPR

2016 Annual Updates:

2016 Academic Resource Center NIPR Annual Update
2016 CalWorks NIPR Annual Update
2016 Counseling NIPR Annual Update
2016 EOPS/CARE NIPR Annual Update
2016 Human Resources NIPR Annual Update
2016 Fiscal Services NIPR Annual Update
2016 Outreach NIPR Annual Update

Program Reviews Due September 2016

2016 Administration of Justice IPR
2016 Agriculture IPR
2016 Automotive Technology IPR
2016 Business IPR
016 Child Development IPR
2016 Correspondence NIPR
2016 Community Service NIPR
2016 Fine Arts IPR
2016 Graphic Design IPR
2016 Humanities IPR
2016 Institutional Effectiveness NIPR

2015 Annual Updates:

2015 Counseling NIPR Annual Update

Program Reviews Due September 2015
2015 Anthropology/History/Psychology/Social Science/Sociology
2015 Fire Technology
2015 Gunsmithing
Human Services
2015 Vocational Nursing
2015 Welding Technology
2015 Work Experience
2015 Contract Education NIPR
Information Technology
Auxiliary Services - Child Development Center
Auxiliary Services - Dorm
Learning Center

2014 Annual Updates:

2014 Admissions and Records NIPR Annual Update
2014 Assessment, Counseling, Student Success and Transfer NIPR Annual Update
2014 Auxiliary Services NIPR Annual Update
2014 CalWORKs NIPR Annual Update
2014 Child Development Center NIPR Annual Update
2014 EOPS and CARE NIPR Annual Update
2014 Financial Aid NIPR Annual Update
2014 Governance NIPR Annual Update
2014 Institutional Effectiveness NIPR Annual Update
2014 Independent Living Program NIPR Annual Update
2014 Information Technology NIPR Annual Update
2014 Kinship NIPR Annual Update
2014 Learning Center NIPR Annual Update
2014 Library NIPR Annual Update
2014 Maintenance and Operations NIPR Annual Update
2014 Student Life NIPR Annual Update

2014 Program Reviews
2014 Administration of Justice/Correctional Science IPR
2014 Agriculture IPR
2014 Athletics IPR
2014 Automotive Technology IPR
2014 Business IPR
Community Service NIPR
Distance Education NIPR
2014 Child Development IPR
2014 Digital Graphic Design IPR
2014 Fiscal Services NIPR
2014 Human Resources NIPR
2014 Marketing and Public Information NIPR
2014 Natural Science/Mathematics IPR 
2014 Outreach NIPR
2014 Physical Education IPR

2013 Program Reviews

2013 Basic Skills IPR
2013 Developmental Studies IPR/NIPR
2013 Fire Technology IPR
2013 Gunsmithing IPR
2013 Human Services IPR
2013 Licensed Vocational Nursing IPR
2013 Welding Technology IPR
2013 Maintenance & Operations NIPR
2013 CalWORKs NIPR
2013 Counseling NIPR
2013 Kinship NIPR


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