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Borrowing Privileges

Who may use Lassen Community College Library resources?

Anyone may use the Library’s resources in the Library.

Who may check out books and audio visual materials, search the research databases off campus, and request interlibrary loans? 

Borrowing privileges and off-campus use of our subscription-paid research databases are only extended to current Lassen Community College students, online students, faculty, employees, and Board of Trustee members.

Off-campus usernames and passwords for the research databases are available at the Library's front desk. Online students have access to use the Library’s digital collections. Contact the Library at (530) 251-8830 to arrange for the borrowing of print resources via mail or interlibrary loan.

Current Lassen Community College students officially registered for fall semester may borrow materials during the preceding summer semester.

Students from other colleges may check out Lassen Community College Library materials. Such transactions will be treated as interlibrary loans with the student’s parent institution. The student will need to show picture ID and will need to make prior arrangements with their parent institution and the Lassen Community College Library before the day of the transaction. Please call ahead to arrange for the transaction and to pick up the items.


Library Cards

Patrons must have a library card or library card account to checkout materials.

In order to obtain a library card, registered students, staff, and faculty members should bring with them a current photo ID, current ASB card, or registration statement to the Library. On-line or correspondence students may call the Library at (530) 251-8830 or write the Library to request an account. Current enrolment status will be checked and verified.

Without a library card, staff ask for one of the following to checkout materials:

  • Student ID number
  • Official picture ID
  • Student registration statement
  • Bus pass with photo
  • Designated Lassen Community College classroom keys for faculty.

All library cards expire at the end of each term. Records remain in the database for several semesters, so expired library cards can easily be renewed. After 5 years, inactive records for patrons without fines will be deleted.

 Loan Limits & Holds

Officially the Library allows students a checkout maximum of 4 books on one subject and a grand total of 10 items out at one time. In practice, our limits are fairly flexible in terms of quantity and according to individual circumstances.  

 Course Reserves & Lending Library

The Library maintains three collections of limited textbooks. Use of textbooks is first come, first served.

1. Course Reserves - May only be used within the Library.

2. Reserve Lends - Books may be checked out over night or over the weekend and must be returned the following day.

3. Lending Library - Students who have six credits or more may check out Lending Library books for the entire semester. Lending Library books are due the last day of the semester.

Semester: Due Date:

Summer 2014 - August 1, 2014

Fall 2014 - December 19, 2014

Spring 2015 - May 22, 2015

Interlibrary Loans

The Library provides interlibrary loan services in accordance to the U.S Copyright Law to Lassen Community College students, faculty, and staff and to other libraries and educational institutions. The Library accepts requests in person, by mail, fax, email, or by phone.

Send requests along with an ALA Interlibrary Loan form to:


        Lassen Community College Library                                      email:
        Interlibrary Loanfax:  (530) 257-8964
        PO Box 3000, 478-200 Hwy 139 
        Susanville, CA 96130phone:  (530) 251-8830


Interlibrary Loans

 Items Checkout Period How much will it cost? 
What does the Lassen Community College Library lend?  Books & Print/Digital Periodical Articles 35 day loan with a 30 day checkout period.We usually do not charge. 
What does the Lassen Community College Library borrow? Books, Periodical Articles, Audio/Visual MaterialDetermined by the owning institution.The borrower might be asked to pay for the cost of shipping and the interlibrary loan fee.


Circulation & Late Fees/Fines





How many? 

May I take the materials out of the Library? 

For how long? 

How many times may I renew? 

How long is my grace period before I have to pay any fines or fees?  

Overdue fines and fees for each item? 



Folio/Special Art Portfolio

Locked Case Circ




Up to 10

 Yes14 days  2 30 days after due date if before the end of the semester.Cost of a new book + $5.00 processing fee.


North State Videos


Up to 3 

Yes 7 days 10 days after due date. Cost of a new DVD/VHS/CD + $5.00 processing fee. 
 Reserve Books


Up to 2 

In-house use

Special arrangement must be made during the time of checkout for a student to take a reserve book to class.  The student must leave a form of collateral (current driver's license or car keys) to take books out of the Library for up to 3 hours. 

Due on the same day by the time the Libray closes. None 1 day Cost of a new book + $5.00 processing fee. 
Reserve Lend 


Up to 3 

Yes Overnight check-out 10 days after the due date. Cost of a new book + $5.00 processing fee. 
Lending Library 


Up to 4

Additional supplementary math books, other than the textbooks, may be checked-out after the four textbook limit has been reached.


Full semester

Due by the last day of the semester. 

None 20 days after the last day of the semester. Cost of a new item + $5.00 processing fee. 


New Magazines/Newspapers


Government Documents


In-house use 

Inform staff when you use any of these materials. 

We need to keep record of  their use.


Locked Case Ref

Headphones & Media Equipment

Reserve Media

Back issues of Periodicals/Magazines/ Newpapers

Loose Leaf Maps 

Yes In-house use    1 dayCost of a new item + $5.00 processing fee. 
Interlibrary Loans for Lassen College Students/Faculty/ Employees Yes 

Yes or No 

Depends on rules set by the lending institution. 

Determined by the lending institution. Determined by the lending institution. None 

Patron may be charged up to $25 for the retrieval of specialty itmes. 

$1.00 per day for late fines up to the cost of the item.

Lost or damaged items may incur the full cost of the item and any other fees. Determined by the lending institution.

Interlibrary Loans to Other Institutions


Non-Reserve Circulating Books

New Books / Best Sellers

Exam/Test Study Guides


Auto Repair Manuals

Music Scores

Print & eArticles 



30 day checkout

5 day processing

Total 35 day loans 


No late fines.

Lost or damaged item will incur the charge of its full cost + $5.00 processing fee.  



The Library offers 10 public access computers. 

The Library's computers are intended

  • First, for curricular needs.
  • Second, for recreational and community usage.

Students needing to complete assignments will have priority to use the computers over students using social media, playing games or viewing shopping sites.

Bring your own storage devices for saving your own work, and SAVE OFTEN! Unsaved documents can easily disappear if the electricity goes off or if the computer reboots without warning.

The Library is not responsible for any lost or unsaved work!

Information saved to our computers will be deleted by the end of the day.

Before you walk away from your computer, log out or sign out of any password protected website to protect your identity.

Respect others and those around you while on the computer.

If you need to listen to music or sound while on the computer, we ask that you check out a set of headphones at the front desk.

Campus-Wide Computer and Network Use


 Printing & Photocopying

Printing - $ .05 per print

Students may print for free those assignments that they will hand into an instructor. 

Free printing privileges are based on an honor system. Please do not take advantage of the system.

Note: Before sending any documents to the printer, print preview the document to confirm the number of pages to be printed and the desired format of the document.

Photocopying - $ .10 per page

If difficulty arises in the use of the copy machine, please contact library staff for assistance. 


Faxes & Phones


The Library offers free fax services to students and faculty only for college and educational purposes. The Library also receives faxes for other college departments.  


Personal cell phones should be kept on vibrate or turned off.

Students may use the Library's phone to call for rides home.


Test Taking & Proctoring

The Library will proctor tests for Lassen Community College faculty and other educational institutions.

Make-up Tests for Lassen Community College Students: Make-up tests and exams should be arranged by the instructor. Students must abide by all rules set forth by the instructor. Use of phones and unauthorized material while testing is prohibited.  

Tests should be returned to the Library's front counter unless specified by the instructor.

Students should purchase blue books and scantrons from the bookstore before the test.

The Library desk will sell scantrons only after the campus bookstore has closed. Scantrons cost $0.27 each.

Test Proctoring for Other Institutions:

Prior arrangements must be made with the Library Director and the parent institution at least one week in advance prior to the actual date of the test. Tests may be taken online through one of the Library’s public access computers or on paper. The student is responsible for supplying an envelope with return postage if the test is to be mailed back to the parent institution.

Students must abide by the rules set forth by their parent institution when taking tests. Use of cell phones and unauthorized material is prohibited.

Students unable to be present for the test should contact the library at least 24 hours in advance so that arrangements can be made with the parent institution. 


Tours & Orientations

The Library Director and staff members offer tours, orientations, workshops, and class instruction on the use of information resources to faculty, students, individuals, and outside groups during normal business hours. Please call ahead to make prior arrangements.

Quick Tours:

5 to 10 minute tours for prospective students and outside groups.

Orientations, classes, and workshops:

  • Usually take up to 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours of class time.
  • Cover the basic library services and resources.
  • Geared toward the immediate class assignments.
  • May be given in the classroom, in the Library, or (with special arrangement) in the Learning Center.

To schedule an orientation, class, or workshop please email the Library Director (position vacant) along with details regarding any upcoming assigned research papers or assignments.

Let the Library Director know if you would like any of the following covered in the orientation, class, or workshop:

  • Scavenger hunt or specially designed library assignment.
  • List of subject specific reading materials.
  • Detailed instruction on the use of one or more of the research databases.
  • Review of individual collections such as
    • National Geographic Online
    • Periodicals
    • Art Books and Prints
    • Atlases and Maps
    • Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature
    • Reference Collection
    • Career Section
    • Opposing Viewpoint Collection
  • Citing one's sources and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Evaluating web resources.
  • Writing a research paper.
  • Navigating the library’s website
  • Other: _________________


Website Disclaimer

The Lassen Community College Library Website makes available links to other educational, governmental, and commercial institutions and other external World Wide websites and trademarks. We do not control these sites nor are we responsible for their content or their user policies. The content of these sites and trademarks belongs to their respective owners. The provided information and links are for informational and educational use only and do not reflect the opinion of Lassen Community College personnel. As with any external World Wide Web resource, it is the reader’s responsibility to review the reliability of the information. If you have any questions or concerns about the Lassen Community College Library’s webpage, content, and this disclaimer, please contact the Library Director (position vacant)

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