ART 1A Two-Dimensional Design(C-ID ARTS 100)
ART 1B Three-Dimensional Design(C-ID ARTS 101)
ART 2 Drawing(C-ID ARTS 110)
ART 3 Beginning Life Drawing(C-ID ARTS 200)
ART 6 Survey of Art History, Prehistoric to Renaissance(C-ID ARTH 110)
ART 7 Survey of Art History, Renaissance to Contemporary(C-ID ARTH 120)
ART 8 Art Appreciation
ART 9 History of Asian Art(C-ID ARTH 120)
ART 10A Beginning Painting(C-ID ARTS 210)
ART 10B Intermediate Painting
ART 10C Advanced Painting
ART 10D Portfolio Painting
Art 12 Gallery Operation and Exhibition Design
Art 13 Letter Design and Typograghy
ART 16 Digital Layout-Designing for Publication
ART 18 Advanced Life Drawing
ART 19A Beginning Digital Photography
ART 19B Intermediate Digital Photography
ART 19C Advanced Digital Photography
ART 19D Portfolio Digital Photography
ART 21 Digital Illustration 1
ART 22 Digital Illustration 2
ART 23 Beginning Printmaking(C-ID ARTS 220)
ART 25 Graphic Design I (C-ID ARTS 250)
ART 26 Graphic Design 2
ART 28 Intro to Web Page Design
ART 30 Introduction to Sculpture
ART 35 Glass Design
ART 36A Beginning Ceramics
ART 36B Intermediate Ceramics
ART 36C Advanced Ceramics
ART 36D Portfolio Ceramics
ART 38 3D Computer Modeling and Animation
ART 43A Beginning Jewelry Design Hand Building
ART 43B Beginning Jewelry Design - Casting
ART 43C Intermediate Jewelry Design
ART 43D Advanced Jewelry Design
ART 46 Art Education Methods
ART 49 ART Work Experience
Art 50 Welding for Artists
ART 52 Marketing Yourself as an Artist-Designer
ART 60A Production Graphics
ART 60B Advanced Production Graphics
ART 130 Mural Painting Workshop
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