Fire Science

FS 3 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
FS 4 Fire Protection Equipment and Systems
FS 5 Fire Organization and Management
FS 6 Building Construction for Fire Protection 
FS 7 Basic Firefighter Training - Wildland 
FS 8 Wildland Fire Suppression
FS 13 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FS 14 Principles of Fire Safety and Survival
FS 20 First Aid and CPR for Public Safety Employees
FS 23 Firing Operations
FS 26 Basic Air Operations (S-270)
FS 49 FS Work Experience
FS 51 Introduction to Fire Technology Careers
FS 52 Incident Command System (I-200-300) 
FS 53 Intro to Incident Command System (ICS-100)
FS 54 National Incident Management System (NIMS 700a)
FS 55 Fire Investigation 
FS 56 Helicopter Crewmember (S-271)
FS 57 Vehicle Extrication 
FS 58 Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior (S-190)
FS 59 Confined Space Awareness 
FS 60 Wildland Firefighter (CDF Basic 67) 
FS 60A Basic Fire Crew Firefighter 
FS 61 Basic Firefighter Training (Basic 32) 
FS 66 Fire Prevention 1
FS 68 Essentials of Fire Fighting
FS 69 Fire Management 1 
FS 70 Heavy Equipment Boss (S-236)
FS 70A Single Resource Boss Academy 
FS 70B Engine Boss (Single Resource)
FS 70C Single Resource Crew Boss (S-230)
FS 72 First Responder - Hazardous Materials
FS 72A First Responder - Hazardous Materials Refresher
FS 73A Incident Business Management (S-260) 
FS 73B Applied Incident Business Management (S-261) 
FS 74 Fire in the Interface (2-215) 
FS 75 Fire Behavior (S-290) 
FS 76 Firefighter Type 1 (Squad Boss) S-131 
FS 77 Human Factors on the Fireline L-180 
FS 78 Followership to Leadership L-280 
FS 79A Ground Support Unit Leader S-355
FS 80 Fire Fighter Survival
FS 81 Wildland Firefighter Safety and Survival
FS 82 Fire Command 1A 
FS 83 Fire Command 1B 
FS 84 Lessons Learned (Fatality Fire Case Studies) 
FS 85 Understanding Maps, Compass & GPS 
FS 86 Emergency Vehicle Operation 
FS 87 Expanded Dispatch Recorder 
FS 88 Initial Attack Incident Commander 
FS 89 Wildfire Powersaws (S-212)
FS 90 Portable Pumps and Water Use (S-211)
FS 91 I-Suites Incident Based Automation
FS 92 Company Officer All Risk Command Operations
FS 93 Fire Fighter I
FS 94 Strike Team Leader (S-330)
FS 95 Initial Attack Incident Command
FS 98.18 Annual Fire Refresher Training 
FS 98.20 Annual Hired Equipment Refresher Training 
FS 98.21 Volunteer Fire Academy
FS 156 Pump Operations
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