GSS 49 GSS Work Experience
GSS 50 Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting 
GSS 50.01 Recoil Pad and Sling Swivel Installation 
GSS 50.03 Open and Optical Sight Installation 
GSS 51 Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting 
GSS 51.01 Stock Inletting 
GSS 51.05 Glass Bedding for Strength and Accuracy 
GSS 51.06 Wood Stock Finishing 
GSS 52 Fundamentals of Shotgun Shooting 
GSS 52.01 Gunsmith Machining 1 
GSS 52.02 Gunsmith Machining 2 
GSS 52.03 Gunsmith Machining 3 
GSS 52.04 Gunsmith Machining 4 
GSS 52.05 Gunsmith Machining 5 
GSS 52.06 Gunsmith Machining 6 
GSS 52B Firearms Training 
GSS 52BR Firearms Training Refresher 
GSS 54.05 Hardening & Tempering of Carbon Steels 
GSS 55.04 Stock Refinish and Repair 
GSS 56.01 Headspace 
GSS 56.03 Bolt Action Barrel Fitting 
GSS 56.04 Barrel Contouring 
GSS 57.01 Bolt Action Breeching and Headspace 
GSS 57.02 Action Blueprinting 
GSS 57.03 Action and Bolt Modifications 
GSS 57.06 Trueing Exterior of Action 
GSS 57.08 Bottom Metal Modifications 
GSS 57.15 Bolt Action Rifle Feeding 
GSS 58.02 Pressure Bedding and Pillar Bedding 
GSS 59.02 Metal Preparation for Refinishing and Caustic Bluing 
GSS 59.03 Parkerizing 
GSS 59.04 Color Case Hardening 
GSS 59.05 Rust Bluing 
GSS 59.07 Niter Bluing and Heat Coloring 
GSS 59.09 Alternative Metal Finishes 
GSS 60 Firearms Safety 
GSS 60.01 DFR Recoil Operated Auto Shotguns 
GSS 60.02 DFR Gas Operated Auto Shotguns 
GSS 60.04 DFR Pump Shotguns
GSS 61.01 DFR Single Action Revolvers 
GSS 61.02 DFR Smith & Wesson Revolvers 
GSS 61.03 DFR Colt Revolvers 
GSS 62.03 Misfire Correction 
GSS 62.04 Correcting Oversize Firing Pin Holes 
GSS 63.01 Single Triggers 
GSS 63.02 Ejectors 
GSS 63.03 Double Gun Locks 
GSS 63.04 Double Gun Locking Systems 
GSS 63.05 Double Gun Hinge Pins and Headspace 
GSS 64.01 Composition Stock Fitting, Bedding and Finishing 
GSS 66.01 Non-Bolt Action Rifle Barrel Fitting 
GSS 66.02 Revolver Barrel Fitting and Ranging 
GSS 66.03 .22 Barrel Fitting
GSS 67.01 Blowback Principle 
GSS 68.01 DFR Locked Breech Single Action Auto Pistols 
GSS 68.02 DFR Locked Breech Double Action Auto Pistols 
GSS 68.03-DFR Blowback Auto Pistols 
GSS 69.01 DFR Auto Rifles
GSS 69.02 DFR Pump Rifles
GSS 69.03 DFR Lever Action Rifles 
GSS 69.04 Non-Bolt Action Feeding 
GSS 70 Checkering 
GSS 70.01 DFA Triggers 1 
GSS 70.02 DFA Triggers 2 
GSS 71 Custom Rifle Seminar 
GSS 71.01 DFR .22 Auto's 
GSS 71.02 DFR Bolt Action .22's 
GSS 71.03 DFR Pump and Lever Action .22's
GSS 71.04 DFR Marlin Model 39 
GSS 72 Fiberglass Stockmaking 
GSS 72.01 Metallic Cartridge Reloading 
GSS 73.02 Spring Making 
GSS 75.02 Firearm Laws and Regulations 
GSS 76 Accurizing GAS-OP Rifles for Competition 
GSS 77 Accurizing M1-M1A for Competition 
GSS 78 Design & Repair-22 Autopistols 
GSS 79 Baisc Correctional Armorer's School
GSS 80 Custom Rifle Seminar - Metalsmithing 
GSS 81 Custom Rifle Seminar - Single Shot Rifle 
GSS 82 General Gunsmithing
GSS 83 General Gunsmithing - Advanced 
GSS 84 LEAS Design and Repair Colt & Ruger Revolvers 
GSS 85 LEAS Design and Repair Smith & Wesson Revolvers 
GSS 86 LEAS Design and Repair Shotguns 
GSS 87 LEAS Design & Repair Double Action Autopistols I 
GSS 88 LEAS Design and Repair Single Action Autopistols
GSS 89 LEAS Design and Repair Full Autos, Phase I 
GSS 90 Customizing the Colt-Type Autopistol, Basic 
GSS 91 Customizing the Colt-Type Autopistol, Advanced 
GSS 93 LEAS Design and Repair Counter Sniper - Varmit Rifle 
GSS 94 Ballistic, Handloading & Testing 
GSS 95 Law Enforcement Armorer School-Basic 
GSS 98.02 Cowboy Action Shooting Long Guns 
GSS 98.03 Cowboy Action Shooting Short Guns
GSS 98.04 Advanced Knife Making 
GSS 98.05 Design, Function and Repair Smith & Wesson Revolver
GSS 98.06 LEAS DFR Patrol Rifles 
GSS 98.08 Custom Built 1911 
GSS 98.09 Color Case Hardening 
GSS 98.12 Modern and Cowboy Action Belts and Holsters 
GSS 98.13 Metallurgy For Gunsmiths 
GSS 98.21 Hand Guns Special Projects 
GSS 98.22 DFR Long Guns Special Projects
GSS 98.23 Machine Shop Special Projects 
GSS 98.24 Stockmaking Special Projects 
GSS 112 Machine Shop for Gunsmiths 
GSS 112B Introduction to Knifemaking 
GSS 114 Basic Rifle Barreling 
GSS 116 Stockmaking - Phase I 
GSS 117 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding for Gunsmiths 
GSS 119 Advanced Rifle Barreling 
GSS 120 Stockmaking - Phase II 
GSS 120B Stock Refinish and Repair - Recoil Pad Installation 
GSS 123 Basic Hard Metal Engraving 
GSS 124 Welding Fabrication for Gunsmiths 
GSS 127 Advanced Engraving 
GSS 129A Design Function and Repair- Spring Piston Air Guns 
GSS 129B Design Function and Repair-Pneumatic Air Guns 
GSS 129C Design Function and Repair-CO2 Air Guns 
GSS 130 Professional Engraving 
GSS 133 Scrimshaw 
GSS 134 Caustic Bluing 
GSS 135 Parkerizing 
GSS 136 Cold Rust and Niter Bluing 
GSS 143 Custom Gunmaking - Muzzleloaders 
GSS 147 Assembly and Tuning of Gas Operated LEAS Repeating Rifles 
GSS 148 Advanced Correctional Armorer School
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