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Counseling office 

Counselors are available 8:00am - 4:00pm Mon-Fri for walk-in visits.

APPOINTMENTS: Most visits do not require an appointment. Appointments are required for Educational Plans and transcript evaluations, and as requested during non-peak registration periods. Call (530) 251-8842

Email:             Counseling Office FAX: (530) 251-8885

Counselors are available to assist students with course selection, interpreting assessment results, developing vocational and educational plans, adding and dropping classes, discovering values and abilities, and identifying and solving problems which may interfere with academic progress.



I'm new to college.  How do I begin?

If you haven’t already done so, please visit our Prospective Student page and check out our New Student Registration steps. NEW STUDENT STEPS
Before you visit the counseling office, it is recommended that you complete the Lassen College online application through Open CCC, contact Financial Aid, view our online New Student Orientation and submit the quiz, and complete Assessment testing.*
*If you are a first time freshmen or have never attended college before, and are interested in working toward a degree or certificate, the counselors will require results from your assessment test in order for you to register for a math or English class. Assessment testing requires an appointment. Please visit the Assessment Office webpage for more information or call (530) 251-8833. ASSESSMENT TESTING
High School transcripts, EAP scores, AP test scores, SAT and ACT test scores can also be used in determining appropriate course placement. If you have these, please bring these with you or have them sent to the counseling office. Send originals to: Lassen Community College, Attn: Counseling Office, P.O. Box 3000, Susanville, CA 96130    Fax to: (530) 251-8885 or email to

I already took an assessment test somewhere else. Can you use that?

If you can acquire a copy of an assessment test taken at another college within the last 2 years, please bring it with you. The counselor will determine if it can be used in place of our test. You may also fax assessment scores to (530) 251-8885, or email them to

What if I've previously attended college somewhere else?

If you have previously attended another college or university, please have your official transcripts sent to the Lassen College Admissions and Records office. (You will need to contact the other college to do this) We may be able to use previously completed coursework toward your degree here, or accept courses you’ve taken to fulfill our prerequisite requirements. If you have completed a lot of coursework, you may want to make an appointment to have your transcripts evaluated by a counselor. Send official transcripts to Lassen Community College, Attn: Admissions and Records, P.O. Box 3000, Susanville, CA 96130

Counselors may be able to use unofficial transcripts for advising purposes. You may bring those with you or fax to (530) 251-8885

I used to be a student at Lassen College and now I'm returning. Anything I should know?

If you have previously taken classes here at Lassen College, you are probably already in our system and have a student ID number. However, you will need to complete our new online application in order to update your information before you will be able to register for classes. The counselors can access your Lassen College transcripts to see what coursework you have already completed. Then they can assist you in determining which courses are still required to complete your degree or certificate.

I am still in high school. Can I take college classes?

Although there are specific requirements a high school student must meet before they can take certain classes, it is possible for students to take college courses at Lassen College while still in high school. More information is available on the Special Admit section of the Admission and Records page. Or you can always talk to your HS counselor, or stop by the LCC Counseling Office.

Another option for high school students is EARNING COLLEGE CREDIT FOR HIGH SCHOOL COURSEWORK. Through the Career Technical Education (CTE)/Transitions program (formerly called 2+2), high school students have the opportunity to receive Lassen Community College credits for taking an approved technical education class at their high school. LCC has articulation agreements with Lassen, Herlong, Big Valley, Modoc, and Westwood High Schools in the areas of Business/Career Technology, Industrial Technology, Agriculture/Natural Resources, and Arts, Media/Communications. You may have already taken an approved course and not even know it! Click here for the complete CTE/Transitions (2+2) packet of information. Contact the Counseling Office if you have questions.

I don't know what to major in. What degrees and certificates does Lassen College offer?

Many students do not know exactly what they would like to study when they begin college. Visiting the Counseling Office and meeting with a counselor is a great first step. Checking out this list of degrees can also get you started.  LCC DEGREES/CERTS   Another good resource is the Lassen College Catalog. Available in the Lassen College bookstore, as well as on the website, the catalog provides a wealth of information about all our degrees and certificates, all the classes we offer including course descriptions, as well as many important programs, policies and procedures here at Lassen. It is a valuable resource that every student should utilize. CURRENT CATALOG  You can also check out the curriculum cards we have available on the wall outside the Counseling Office. In addition to being an easy way to see all the degrees we offer, curriculum cards also provide you with all the requirements for each degree. Using a curriculum card as a guide is a helpful way to make sure you are stay on track and take all the classes you need to achieve your degree or certificate goal.

Degree with a GuaranteeDEGREES DESIGNED TO TRANSFER - If your goal is to transfer to a four year college, we have several University Studies and Transfer degrees designed specifically for transfer.

TRANSFER TO THE CSU SYSTEM. For the first time in California history, community college students who complete a new AA-T or AS-T will be guaranteed admission to the California State University (CSU) system. Learn more at


Deciding on which degree you would like to work on is a crucial step in planning and achieving your educational goals. If you need additional help deciding on a degree or career path, consider an online career assessment.


Once you have decided on a major, we recommend you make an appointment with a counselor to complete an Educational Plan. The Ed Plan is semester by semester guide to help you know which classes and how many units you need to complete each semester to accomplish your goals in a timely fashion. An Ed Plan also keeps student athletes on track for transfer, and prepares students to complete major preparation prior to transferring to a university.

What classes are being offered in the upcoming semester?

Our current schedule of classes is available for viewing ONLINE through the SEARCH FOR CLASSES link on our homepage. If you are a student, you have access to MYLASSEN, our new student PORTAL. New students should have received login information via email after completing the online application.  Returning students need to call the IT Help desk (530-251-8842) to get their username and a temporary password. At the MyLassen Portal you can register for classes, check your schedule, view financial aid, see your Education Plan, check your student email and have access to lots of other valuable information.

I think I'm close to graduating. Is there anything I need to do?

When you are close to completing your degree(s) or certificate(s), you should complete our online PETITION TO GRADUATE form. If you have completed coursework at other colleges that will count toward your degree, be sure you have requested the official college transcripts be sent to Lassen College, so they can be evaluated. For more information, visit the GRADUATION page.

My goal is to transfer to a four-year college or university. What help can you provide?

Located within the Counseling Office is the Transfer Center. It is designed specifically to assist students who plan to transfer to a four year school. The Transfer Center organizes visits to CSU Chico and UNR, hosts a College Day and provides assistance with completing college applications. For more information, visit the TRANSFER CENTER webpage.